What Everyone Expects From A Roommate

What Everyone Expects From A Roommate

Living with roommates can be fun, but what if you end up with someone who’s difficult to live with? There are certain things every person expects from their roommate, which are necessities before you sign up for living with someone. Helping you be a good roommate, What Everyone Expects From A Roommate –

1. Hygiene

The first and foremost thing that everyone expects out of people without them having to see it is hygiene. If you’re not hygienic, you don’t deserve to be sharing space with another human being and making their life miserable. Leaving wet towels on the couch, keeping your used clothes all scattered everywhere, not keeping the bathroom clean and leaving the kitchen in a mess are the kinds of things that make you unhygienic. Do any of them? Please change.

2. Regard for privacy

Everyone is entitled to their private life and if you’ve been poking your nose in other people’s affairs, it’s about time you stop doing that. Nobody likes to be burdened with questions each time their smiling looking at their phone. If the door’s closed, it’s a clear sign that they don’t want to be disturbed at the moment. You don’t have to charge inside their room just because you feel like talking to someone. Also, using their things without asking is not very courteous. You can spare a few seconds to ask if you can use their things. If not, let them be.

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3. Fair share of work

When you’re living with a roommate, you have signed up for sharing the household chores with them to make life easier for both of you. Every person wants their roommate to contribute towards work. If you’re watching television without doing the dishes, you’re doing it wrong. You cannot expect your roommate to be your mom who’s going to do your work because you don’t want to. Do the dishes, clean the house, it’s teamwork.

4. Responsibility

If you’re living with a roommate, it’s obvious that you’ve left your house and moved to a new city to make your life better. Do has your roommate. Don’t forget that. Not paying the rent on time, forgetting to pay the bills, expecting your roommate to cover your expenses all the time is not being responsible. You signed up for this, you better start owning up to it. Your roommate might not say it out loud, but they sure as hell expect you to be responsible towards life.

5. Less drama

Nobody wants a roommate who has too much drama going on everyday. Showing up with guests without prior heads up to your roommate, having house parties almost every day, them having to handle you drunk almost daily and passing out on the couch is not something you can expect them to put up with. Every once in awhile is fine, they might even join you in your craziness. But when it starts happening everyday, it becomes a habit that not everyone should put up with. You either stop with the drama or move.
Be a good roommate.

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