Donald Trump's Inauguration

Donald Trump’s Inauguration Summed Up In Tweets

The moment that had everyone’s eyes on the most powerful nation of the world has come. Barack Obama is no more the POTUS and has been replaced by the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. On 20th January 2017, at 9:00 am PST, the world saw the end of an era and a beginning of the unknown future under his presidency.
Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, were all a witness to the oath ceremony and inauguration of Donald Trump at Washington DC. In his speech, Trump said a lot about how his priority is America, and how his aim is always going to be making America great again. With him becoming the President, we all know the great American dream that all young students have will get even more tough. Employment for immigrants is going to get difficult as Trump sees Americans before anyone else.
Nobody has an idea as to what Trump will do as the President. But, people have found happiness in their misery. During the inauguration, Twitter exploded with public reaction to the ongoing change of power at Washington DC, with some hilarious reactions that had us all rolling on the floor laughing. It may be the beginning of the end, but don’t let that stop you from posting jokes and memes. Here’s Donald Trump’s inauguration summed up in tweets –

1. 100% not a brunch

2. Yes, SAME.

3. Take America with you, Joe.

4. We know how it feels, Michelle!

5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *crying inside*

6. Was it allowed? WAS IT?

7. It sucks, girl.

8. Wrong, this is whole of America. 

9. Amen.

10. And will be for the next four years.

11. Or any other place in the world right now.

12. Sounds like a plan. 

13. No one like Obama.

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We’ll miss you Obama! 

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