What Is It Like To Have Pets

What Is It Like To Have Pets

Having pets is one of the best things in the world. Not only do you always have someone to come home to, but you know they will never leave your side. They’re definitely better than human beings. They’re also a little dumb and always paranoid. Here’s what it is like to have pets –

1. Tantrums
Pets are all about tantrums. They need your attention 24/7 and if you’re not available at their service all the time, they’re going to throw a lot of tantrums. You need to keep your pets pleased all the time so they don’t start acting up because it gets really difficult to woo them once they’re mad. They’ll keep flipping about stupid things or just show no movement at all.

What Is It Like To Have Pets

2. Play Buddy
The best thing about having a pet is having a play buddy. Pets are ready for games all the time. Maybe not cats, because they are not up for anything. All they want to do is sleep every second of their life. But the other pets, especially dogs are up for playing at 2 am in the morning. They won’t get cranky, they’re always up for running around like a maniac.

What Is It Like To Have Pets

3. Food Bags
Livings with pets is like living with food bags who will irritate you all the time because they have good digesting skills. All you have to do is keep satisfying them with food to avoid a passive aggressive relationship with your pet. If your pet is hungry, you cannot contain them at all. They’re like human beings when it comes to food, they’ll need their stomachs filled every two hours.

What Is It Like To Have Pets

4. Unofficial Entertainers
Living with pets is hilarious. They’re always up to some antics that will make you laugh. You should always have a phone in your hand when you’re with your pet, as you never know when they’ll start doing something stupid and provide you with funny posts for Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes they do things that are so stupid, you wonder if you take them to some vet psychiatrist.

What Is It Like To Have Pets

5. Unconditional Love
People come and go. Some will only stay with you when things are great and leave the second it gets dark. But pets, they’re forever. They don’t care if you’re rich or poor, they’ll always be by your side as a friend. Sometimes, that’s all you really need, no words, but silence and a satisfaction that you have someone by your side. When you have pets, you have unconditional love.

What Is It Like To Have Pets

When you have a pet, you have a friend for life.

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