Signs That You Are Tyrion Lannister

Signs That You Are Tyrion Lannister

Who doesn’t love Tyrion? The amount of sass that man has can never be matched be anyone. He may be a fictional character appearing in the world phenomenon kind of show that is Game Of Thrones, but he means a lot more to his fans. Right from the start, he had his priorities set right which made him a fan favourite in the very beginning. Everybody wants to be like him. Here are the signs that you are Tyrion Lannister –

1. Like Tyrion, you believe in starting and ending your day with alcohol. Everything else can wait.
2. You know everyone around you is stupid. Your wits cannot be matched and you’re pretty damn proud of that.
3. Everytime someone is about to make a stupid mistake, you make them realize how stupid they are because someone must.
4. You need a few drinks before going anywhere because you need to be high enough to tolerate other people’s bullshit.
5. You know what your potentials are and where you suck. You use your strength to the fullest.
6. Many a times you are underestimated by others but you’ve proved them time and again how capable you are.
7. People have always let you down which has made you believe that you’re pretty alone and you’re okay with it by now.
8. There’s a Joffrey in your life who makes you want to shave off his head but you can’t because of your own reasons.
9. All you want is a little bit of peace in life and no drama because you’re pretty tired of dealing with other people’s crisis.
10. You can spend an entire day alone with wine, enjoying your own company because who is better than you? Nobody.
11. You have let people take advantage of your kindness quite a lot of times but now, you’re done with them.
12. You have a Varys in your life with whom you can have some of the most silly as well as intellectual conversations.
13. Many a times people have mistaken you to be someone you are not, but now, you don’t give a shit. You’re done pleasing everyone.
14. You know pretty well that your intelligence is valuable and can probably help in saving the world.
15. You may appear tough, but you’re a softy at heart. You try to cover it up with humour and wit but it’s visible by your actions.

Hello Tyrion! Did you bring wine?

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