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Types of Tenants

Different type of people rent apartments at different places. Landlords have to deal with this variety which may prove to be a blessing or a pain for them. While people may seem good and well-mannered in the first meeting, things can turn out to be dreadful as time passes by. Landlords might cherish some, and extremely loathe the others. Potentially, there can be five types of tenants and they are –

The singles club

These tenants are employed/working people. They can either be single girls or single boys. This club of single people is cursed as no landlord sees them as normal people. In fact, they are not seen as people at all. You can be at your best behaviour, wearing kurta pajama/salwar kameez, saying namaste or even going to the extent of touching the landlord’s feet, the minute you have uttered the word “Single”, you have been stricken out in the landlord’s mind.  

Best tenants

Party animals

The only question party animals know the answer to is “Where’s the party tonight?” They are noisy, may seem wild and don’t care about anything at all. Noise complaints by neighbours because of  party animals is something landlords have to hear 24X7. There is no solution unless a trance song with the words you want to convey to them is made or David Guetta himself is invited to convey the message, both being extremely expensive and time consuming (not taking into account – practically impossible) things to do.

Best tenants

BTFs – Best tenants forever

Non-clingy, employed, working individuals are the best kind of tenants a landlord could ask for. Life with BTFs is stress-free and sorted. They don’t complain, pay their rent on time, and have minimal usage of the apartment. They usually work during the day and only come back to sleep. Such tenants should be cherished, their population is less. They are so innocent and sincere, you sometimes wonder whether they are human or something divine. Remember that math topper in Grade 9? Yes, he’s the BTF now.

Best tenants

Excuse experts

As the name suggests, these tenants have a B.E. degree (Bachelor of Excuses). They always come up with some excuse to not get things done, which leaves you in wondering if that’s their super power. You can do everything to try your way through their manipulative talks, but you always end up buying what they have to sell. Excuse Experts always find their way out of everything; they don’t have to worry about paying the rent, repairing the bathroom sink, paying bills, or anything at all, as they always have an excuse ready even before the problem has occurred.

Best tenants


Most students go to college for one reason, and it sure as hell ain’t to learn. With students, the landlord is required to actually make regular inspections just to make sure the walls are still standing. Students also come in types – the sincere ones and the “let’s burn the place down” ones.  If you’re lucky, you may get the sincere ones who think about nothing except studying, and then there’s the opposite who think about everything but studying. The latter can be a bit difficult to tolerate, while with the former, it may not even seem like the house has been rented.

Best tenants
What is your type?

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