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Things that are overrated

  1.  The Kardashians

The Kardashian family are the Prince Narula of The United States. They are nothing but reality television stars. All they do is film themselves doing really weird stuff that normal families don’t do, but they’ve still managed to be popular worldwide. What is really bizarre about the Kardashians is their followers on social media. There are many people who’ve helped humanity and still aren’t as famous as the Kardashians. Why? Because people have really overrated them.

Overrated things

  1. Weekends

I don’t understand what makes weekends so hyped up. Weekends are not Haley’s Comet, they come every week, and go every week. And it’s not like they come with presents, they end in Monday, so there’s really nothing that great about weekends. Except maybe Sunday, when you don’t have to go to work so you can sleep for a longer time, but nothing else. So people should really stop getting all hyped up about weekends.

Overrated things

  1. New year’s resolution

This is as useless as a white crayon. On every 1st January, people post their new year resolutions publicly so that other people can know how dedicated they are going to be towards changing themselves. And everyone knows these resolutions are forgotten by 10th January. And it stands true for everyone, no one actually follows the resolution. But still, every year, every other person is out there making promises he knows he won’t be fulfilling.

Overrated things

  1. Valentine’s Day

Now that it’s just around the corner, tell me what is so great about this day? Because people have overrated this day so much, expectations regarding the same is very high. By the way, none of these expectations become reality, but still, here it is every year, making people believe in the whole idea of love. What’s the point of spending time and money, and all that pressure to make it a perfect day for your loved one?   And to those who believe in the uniqueness of this day, if you really love someone, why do you want to tell them only one day of the year?

Overrated things

  1. Society

This idea of doing everything because the society says so, is stupid. And what is this society anyway? An idea of how things should be made by people with narrow minds? Or a group of people who have nothing better to do but take digs at other people’s failures? Society is what we make of it, we define it, it doesn’t define us. Society is so overrated that people have stopped giving importance to what they think is right and wrong. And this is the most dangerous of all.

Overrated things

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