The Different Shades Of Music

The Different Shades Of Music

If there’s one thing we should be thankful for letting out of awkward conversations, saying the right things when we feel low, and just for being there when nothing really is, is music. June 21 is celebrated as the World Music Day, though we listen to music every single day. Music doesn’t just serve one purpose, it’s an expert at┬ámultitasking. Following are the different shades of music –

1. Avoiding People
Music’s very important purpose is to save us from awkward conversations with people we meet but don’t want to talk to them. From meeting people on the street to seeing them while traveling, if there wouldn’t be music, we would have to indulge in a conversation we don’t want to be a part of. Ignoring people is so much fun when you have earphones in your ears and a good song to match your steps to.

The Different Shades Of Music

2. Entertainment
Who doesn’t think music is the best entertainment there ever could be? Feeling bored? Just switch on a track that gets you all groovy and you won’t even know where all the time went. Music is the best way to chill out and take some time out of your busy schedule to just sit back. Don’t feel like grooving? Just sit down, put on some slow tracks and sip red wine. You wouldn’t need any other entertainment in the world.

The Different Shades Of Music

3. Pretensions
Who hasn’t listened to music and not pretended they were part of the music video? Everyone has. Sitting on the backseat, staring out the window, pretending you’re engrossed in some deep thought when you’re really thinking about how amazing you would be in that song’s video, pretending like you’re being filmed there itself. That’s how everyone listens to music. If you’ve never had pretensions, you’re probably not that big a music fan.

The Different Shades Of Music

4. Travel Companion
There’s this one thing that was always there when you were tired of listening to commuters fight in the train or bus. Music was always there, holding you hand, gliding you to a different world mentally so that you could feel good before you reached work and handled all the drama. Music became a travel companion and continues to be one. It helps you elate from all that goes around you, from everything you’re least interested in and transport yourself.

The Different Shades Of Music

5. Party Friend
What’s the best thing about parties? Dancing to good songs that make you want to break a leg. A party without good songs are just as good as no party. It is ready to handle all your stages. Ranging from sophisticated slow music to downright atrocious cheesy songs to which you groove like a homeless person, music handles all your different moods like a pro. There’s way too many reasons to be thankful for.

The Different Shades Of Music

Happy World Music Day!

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