Dealing With Rude Landlords

Dealing With Rude Landlords

Sharing an apartment is not easy. Dealing with everything on your own, handling all this adult issues when you’re really a child at heart, paying bills and working for five days a week is not easy. But it can get worse when you have a landlord whose only purpose in life is to make life harder that it already is for you. By being the most rude person in this world, they can give you nightmares. But don’t worry, here’s a quick guide on how to deal with rude landlords –

1. The second you hear them coming over, prepare a glass of ice cold water. That should let off some heat from their lava like boiling head.
2. Always keep some snacks at home. There’s nothing else in the world that makes people forget about things other than food.
3. Whenever they are rude to you, make the game interesting. Put 10 rupees in a jar every time they are rude, and you’ll save so much money.
4. Whenever they are about to throw some taunt or tantrum on you, yell at the top of your voice and say something is biting you from under the couch.
5. Make bets with your roommate on who will be targeted by the landlord on that day because you might as well make money out of it.
6. When you see them approaching, bring out the inner actor in you and start crying. Make them want to not shout at you at that moment.
7. Make friends with their wife, discussing recipes and everything so that you have them in confidence when your landlord decides to take your case.
8. Send them good morning and good evening messages everyday so they think you are a sanskaari little human being and decide to go easy on you.
9. Treat them once in a month with some home cooked meal as a bribe for going easy on you for the coming month. Food, as always, works wonders.
10. Make sure you give them less and less reasons to get pissed of at you. If you’re doing everything right, they won’t be rude to you.

Hopefully next time won’t be difficult.

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