Things That Piss Off Every Mumbaikar

6 Things That Piss Off Every Mumbai resident!

The city of dreams, as they call it, is worth every praise. When you’re living in Mumbai, you know how every other place will never be good enough. Just like the city, it’s people are very welcoming too.

However, you need to know where the boundary lies. Following are the things that piss off every Mumbaikar –

1. Comparisons with Delhi

It’s not that we hate the city. Delhi and its people are all chill but not when you start comparing the two of them. These are two different cities!

Kindly shut your mouth if you’re going to say why Delhi is better than Mumbai. This should be on the Mumbai Wikipedia page because more and more people need to know this!

Things That Piss Off Every Mumbaikar

2. Vada pav without chutney

Taking away the chutney from Vada Pav is like taking away the dal from rice. You know when a vendor doesn’t give chutney along with Vada Pav, he’s just new to the business.

A real Mumbaikar likes their Vada Pav just how they like their Samosa Pav, loaded with chutney. If you don’t have the chutney, you’re not worth it.

Things That Piss Off Every Mumbaikar

3. Train stopping before Borivali

You may get to know all the mysteries of the world one day, but this mystery will still remain unsolved. This has become a ritual with every Mumbai local, stopping before Borivali.

Every daily commuter knows this struggle. It’s like there’s an invisible station between Kandivali and Borivali that every train halts at.

Things That Piss Off Every Mumbaikar

4. Terrible stereotypes

Try mentioning a terrible stereotype in front of a Mumbaikar and watch they go red in anger. Imitating the Marathi, or saying “Apun, tapun” while conversing with a Mumbaikar making them feel how every Mumbaikar presumably is well versed with this dialect is going to get you murdered.

Stop it before they break your face!

Things That Piss Off Every Mumbaikar

5. Traffic

The problem with living in Mumbai is hating traffic and still dealing with it. A city that attracts a million people also has to accommodate them, which becomes a task.

This is why when Mumbaikars visit a different city that has no traffic, you’ll see them behave like this is the closest thing to heaven they have seen.

Things That Piss Off Every Mumbaikar

6. Criticism of the city

Mumbai is a beautiful city. If you’re going to be living here and criticizing it on a daily basis, kindly move somewhere else. It’s you who cannot compete with this fast-paced life.

It’s you who cannot see the beauty. It’s you who sucks, not the city. Move, or keep your opinions to self. Thanks.

Things That Piss Off Every Mumbaikar

Don’t piss us off. Please! Thanks.

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